Weducer Cup Refined – KAFFEEFORM

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A Speciality Coffee Association Product of the year winner. An original coffee cup made by recycled coffee grounds and beechwood fibers.

A tall size cup of 350 ml with two different lids.

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KAFFEEFORM transforms renewable resources destined for the trash into beautiful, functional everyday objects.

Try the reusable to-go cups crafted with innovative bio-based material compositions using recycled coffee grounds and beechwood fibers.

The premium version of popular Weducer Cup is slightly bigger in size, double-walled, and beautifully refined. The dark outer shell is made using the iconic Kaffeeform coffee material, the colorful inner layer and the drinking lid are crafted in an innovative material composition based on recycled beechwood fibers.

Your trusted everyday companion for hot and cold beverages on the go.

Taste your cup of coffee made by  recycled coffee.


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